Excavations – Foundations – Dewatering – Shuttering – Concrete Casting – Marine Works – Infrastructure – Steel Works – Block Works – Erection – Columns – Slabs – Waterproof – Pool – Aluminium – Glass – Finishing – Marble – HVAC – Plumbing – Electrical Works


Very often little information is available on the groundwater. Projeco Contracting can undertake tests in accordance with the Code of Practice and has a good experience in hand to ensure the best possible standards.


Projeco Contracting has acquired sufficient experience throughout its construction projects and thanks also to one of the largest marine infrastructure projects in the UAE: La Mer by Meraas.


Our luxury villas are state of the art mansions that require only the best products, frameless or with minimal frames, studied to enhance the design and detailed for any weather condition. Seismic proof. Rust proof. Any design.


Our MEP is not just a job. Is a concept. We study the needs and then we partner with the best and world’s most innovative technology to provide custom made solutions, in terms of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning).